Investing in Our Just and Feminist Future

Investing in Our Just and Feminist Future

Embark is a collective, led by activist advisors and those wanting to practice justice-centered philanthropy, who are ready to invest in community-led, gender just programming through flexible funding, and long-term amplification and support.

Justice-Centered Philanthropy

requires we focus on tackling unjust systems, not just their effects and asks us to give up power as gatekeepers making decisions of how to use resources so that community changemakers can more effectively lead social change.


Collective and community-building



Program Selection and Voting



Supporting feminist approaches and feminist leadership


Embark creates flexible grants, lasting relationships with grantees, and distributes time and skills to feminist leadership and gender justice work and organizations.

Our Approach to Gender Justice

Embark leverages CARE's gender justice frameworks that knows achieving transformative change happens through addressing the structural causes as well as the symptoms of gender inequality. Change is sustained by strategies that incorporate multiple domains, both private and public spaces (at individual, household, community and societal levels).

Care's Gender Equality Framework

Build Agency

Building confidence, self-esteem and aspirations (non-formal sphere) and knowledge, skills and capabilities (formal sphere).

Transform Structures

Discriminatory social norms, customs, values and exclusionary practices (non-formal sphere) and laws, policies, procedures and services (formal sphere).

Change Relations

The power relations through which people live their lives through intimate relations and social networks (non-formal sphere) and group membership and activism, and citizen and market negotiations (formal sphere).

Together, Embark is a collective that invests time, funds, and technical support in programs that transform gender and power relations, and the structures, norms, and values that underpin ‚Äčthem to create transformative and sustainable change. Investments in movements and feminist leadership is critical to creating more just and sustainable systems.