Investing in Our Just and Feminist Future

Investing in Our Just and Feminist Future

A Collective of Change Makers Investing in Our Just and Feminist Future

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Supports gender justice initiatives that are:


Supported and and led by activist advisors fighting for a gender just future


Facilitated by CARE, a global NGO that has worked on the front-lines of social change and women’s equality for 75 years in over 100 countries


Amplified by Embark members who invest intellectual, social, and financial resources into a community of gender justice change makers

Together we will

Invest in gender justice

We will never overcome the injustice of poverty until people of all genders are equal.

Solve problems in proximity

The people impacted by poverty and oppression are best placed to create innovative, sustainable solutions.

Re-imagine systems for resourcing social change

Transforming unjust systems requires the philanthropic model to move from "giving back" to "giving up".

Solutions Driven By Community-led and Grassroots Leadership

Sustainable and innovative solutions are created in proximity to the problem they seek to solve.

As a collective, this is our guiding principle.

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